About Me

My name is Daisy Knowles.  Ten years ago, I stumbled upon Stellenbosch and can quite honestly say, I never looked back. I have always been interested in writing, and I have been fervently interested in Wine for about a decade; I think that invariably happens when you make the Winelands your home. I find a happy medium in studying what I can on Wine, when I can, and the social side of it: the drinking, the wine touring, wine tastings, wine reviews, now all form an integral part of my daily existence. Over the years, people have niggled at me to pursue my writing and so in the first quarter of 2014, I decided to hop on the blog wagon. Should anyone read my ramblings, that is indeed a bonus.  This blog is a forum upon which I can write and express myself, and primarily link my love of Wine to that.

As I’m somewhat CDO*, let’s hope I don’t write when I’m under the cork; spelling mistakes give me the heebie jeebies. *(this is the same as OCD, only in the correct alphabetical order. As it should be.)


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