Chicken or Beef?

In other words, what can I offer you?

It is no secret that my passion is to work in the wine industry. Sometimes, however, things aren’t as easy as they seem.  And so, whilst I have a fancrackingtastic day job, I made the decision a short while ago to use social media to punt my sordid wine affair to the (hopefully) masses.  It’s early days, but the feedback has been positive.

I know a thing or two about vino.  My courses through Stellenbosch University and Level 2 of the WSET have provided me with a stable platform to whine from.  Years of wine drinking also stands me in good stead.  And then, winning second place in the 2014 VERITAS YOUNG WINE WRITERS competition on Tuesday, 2nd December is a lekker feather to stick in the proverbial cap…peacock, hardeda or budgie, I haven’t quite decided.

So, what I am broadly able to offer is this:

– representing a brand at the various wine shows – brand ambassador role

– if launching a new product, I’d be happy to sample and write about it: a piece for media, for your website, for my blog/all of these

– if you have an event that you’re hosting or need to be at, but can not split yourself into twenty people and need someone to experience the motions and write/blog/tweet about what’s what and who’s who…

I think you get the drift.  I am open to suggestions.

PS: At that altitude, chicken or beef don’t taste like your usual bird or cow. Neither does wine (and I say this with tears streaming down my cheeks).  So don’t be mean to the air steward if he is out of beef by the time he reaches your seat.


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